How it works for Tutor

 How it works for Tutor

Step 1 : Signup / create your own profile/create tutor account to know matched tuition jobs , Click Here for Tutor registration

Step 2 : Check matched tuition jobs daily via instant sms &  email alerts and by signin/login into your account atleast once in a day.

Check Online tution job  click here.   Click Home tuition jobs click here

Step 3 : To View contact details of student / parent tuition need to have credits in your account 

Step 4 : After Payment you will get credits with validity. Next start taking matched tuition contact numbers ASAP with the help of instant sms/email alerts.

Step 5 : Reaching parent/student immediately by calling / sending sms/whatsapp about your strengths.If no response from parent/student don't worry and don't waste time by thinking about it rather you try next tuition job.

Step 6 : Reconfirming tuition job requirement directly with parent/student & schedule demo/trail class & tuition fee negotiations.

Step 7 : Take complete tuition fee directly from parent/student.No need to pay  commissions from your tuition fee.

Step 8 : Once validity is over you can't take tuition contacts from website. 

Step 9 : Finally tuitions will be confirmed based on tutor abilities (Taking Tuition contacts ASAP, command over subject,convincing skills, negotiations skills).

Note: Website will never play any active role in confirmation of tuition to any tutor.It will show all tuition jobs and send instant sms &  email alerts to all matched tutors with in 2 minutes after tuition job posted.We treat all subscribed tutors equally like how teacher will treat all students in a class.


Why does Tutor need to Buy Credits or do Payments?

Answer: Mysmartpros Platform is not a job consultancy or staffing company, It is a business platform where you can find leads to grow your teaching business. It is a completely Business to the Business platform.

Is there an option for without buying credits or after tuition confirmation commission from salary?

The answer is Yes and No.

The Yes for Some parents have urgency of a tutor if they pay for sending sms about their requirement at that time we will provide parent number free but those leads are very very less like monthly one or two only.

The answer is NO for we do not work on commissions from salary, as above answer explained we are not any staffing company we sell business leads.

What is a guarantee of getting tuition confirmation?

we do not give a guarantee of any tuition confirmation, At the time of taking leads requirement is available, Every lead is called and OTP verified.

Tuitions will be confirmed based on tutor abilities (Taking Tuition contacts ASAP after posting, command over subject, convincing skills, negotiations skills).

Website will never play an active role in the confirmation of tuition to any tutor. It will show all tuition jobs and send instant sms & email alerts to all matched tutors within 2 minutes after the tuition job is posted.

If Student / Parent contact numbers not reachable / no response / requirent over / No requirement ?

You have to send mail to [email protected] or give feedback on the job page then We refund credits after verifying the number, If you have any proof send an email screenshot or call record.

Refund Credits apply only to 1000 and above 1000 Plans. Not applicable on 200 & 500 Plans.